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Drawing from a pool of Edinburgh’s finest musicians, and inspired by decades of British and American bands, The Cosmonauts are not your average Indie Rock band. The group is lead by Alan on Bass, Claire on Cello and Chris on Guitar.

Their latest album 1983 blend’s low-fi, post-punk guitars that explodes into a colourful mix of soaring electric cellos and three-part harmonies giving a texture and flavour not found anywhere else. Described by some as a gothic Jefferson Airplane, The Cosmonauts sound is a spectrum ranging from heavy driving rock tunes with untamed electric sounds to, beautiful acoustic songs with a melancholic classic style of their own. The aim is to make music for every soul-searching, toe-tapping, music loving ear in search of a nostalgic trip from a fresh exciting perspective.


Carving out their own retro-classic world after years of touring, The Cosmonauts next step is to release new material, a flurry of videos and live in-house performances to expand their ever-growing fan-base and collection of songs.

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Chris Bryce



Likes: Gaming

Loves: Bacon Rolls

Loathes: People

Claire Schiavone



Likes: Disney  

Loves: Wi-Fi

Loathes: Feet

Alan Robertson



Likes: Star Wars

Loves: Too much

Loathes: Heights

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